Shanghai Confucius Temple

Shanghai Confucius Temple is located on the east side of the old West Gate in the city center. It is the only Confucius Temple in Shanghai and the highest institution in ancient Shanghai. The Shanghai Confucian Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty (1294). After several migrations, it was settled at the present site. The Temple of Literature, which is now seen, was built in the 5th year of Qing Xianfeng (1855). It has both atmospheric Ming and Qing style architecture and a quiet environment.

The Temple of Literature is a three-in-one courtyard. It is divided into upper and lower courtyards. The second entrance is the Qixing Gate. There are Kuiwen Pavilion and Zunjing Pavilion at both ends of the courtyard. The Sanjin is composed of Dacheng Gate, the Great Hall and two bell and drum towers. Siheyuan. There is a temple in front of Dacheng Hall, and a closed courtyard with Dachengmen and the wall.

The Dacheng Hall is the main hall of the Confucius. The hall features more than 16,400 words of the Analects of Confucius written by Shanghai calligrapher Liu Xiaoqing. It is engraved on 52 bluestone plates and is embedded in the inner wall of Dacheng Hall.

Going east to Zunjing Pavilion, it was built in the Ming Dynasty. It is the earliest official library in Shanghai. There is a stone in front of the pavilion, which looks like a unicorn. The Minglun Hall, located in the south of Zunjingge, was once the place where Confucian scholars gave lectures.

The east end of the Temple of Literature has a three-storey Kuixing Pavilion, built in 1855 and is the main building of the Palace. Kuixing Pavilion is a rare historic building in Shanghai.

Around the Temple of Literature, along the Old Road Front Street, Menghua Street, and Xuegong Street, there are shops with rich cultural colors, calligraphy and painting, ancient coins, and philatelic products. Sometimes there are seniors who sell stalls and sell antiques. This area has many street food and doll shops, stationery stores, and small goods stores, which are places where students and young people love to go shopping.

It is worth mentioning that there is a book trading area in the northeast corner of the Temple of Literature, which sells discount books. On Sundays, there is an old book market in the Temple of Literature (no rainy days). You can enter it with a dollar. Ancient books, second-hand books, second-hand magazines, new books, comics, and foreign documents have everything you need. You can get a good deal with your patience.


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  • CN Name: 上海文庙
  • EN Address: No. 215, Wenmiao Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
  • CN Address: 上海市黄浦区文庙路215号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Jinjiang Inn Select Shanghai Xintiandi
  • Getting There: Take the subway line 8 or line 10 to the Laoximen Station and walk.
  • Open Hours: 9:00-16:30

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