Shanghainese Cuisine

If you don’t give Shanghai Cuisine a try, you can’t even say you have been to Shanghai. Known as Hu Cai, Shanghai Cuisine includes Benbang Cuisine and Haipai Cuisine.

Bengbang Cusine, also called as local cuisine, is the dishes you can find in normal Shanghai families’ tables. Wine, salted meats and preserved vegetables are the main condiment. Fish, crab, chicken are dealt with wine and briskly cooked or steamed.

Haipai Cuisine is the dishes which absorb the advantages of many cuisine from different part of China and Western countries. The main ingredients of Haipai Cuisine is fresh fish, shrimps and crabs.

Shanghai Dishes Recommended

Stewed sea cucumber with shrimp roe(虾子大乌参 )

This is one of the most famous dish in Shanghai cuisine. First, they put the dried sea cucumber into water to restore its original. Then, they stew the sea cucumber with oil, sugar, yellow wine, soybean sauce and broth. One of the most delicious Shanghai Cuisine in my opinion!

Deep-fried shrimps(油爆河虾)

You can’t miss deep-fried shrimps cause they are so delicious. First, they deep-fried the shrimps, then pour the special sauce, which is made of yellow wine, soybean sauce, sugar and ginger sauce, into the fish. Finally, you can taste the sweet and fresh fish.

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