As an international metropolis, Shanghai contains all different kinds of restaurants, flavor of which ranging from East to West. Either eating local YANG’SFRIED-DUMPLING or enjoy a delicate Italian Cuisine is available in Shanghai. The more information you know about dining in Shanghai, the more charming Shanghai will be in your eye.

Shanghainese Cuisine

If you don’t give Shanghainese Cuisine a try, you can’t really say you have been to Shanghai.  Shanghainese Cuisine has a profound history and culture and is very popular in both China and the whole world. If you want to eat the authentic Shanghainese Cuisine and deepen your understanding of Shanghai, please click here.

Shanghai Snacks

Shanghai has many delicious local snacks you shouldn’t miss, such as Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun, Fried Stuffed Bun, Crab-Yellow Pastry and Chop Rice Cake.  The best place to taste these gourmet is Snack Street. Click here to know more about the Snack Street.

Chinese Cuisine

There are eight great cuisines in China, all of which has profound history and culture. Now, you can taste all the flavor from every corner of China in Shanghai now. So follow me and you will see the best Chinese Cuisine Restaurants in Shanghai.

Foreign Cuisine Restaurants

Where are you from, miss the food from your own country? You needn’t to worry about this in Shanghai. As a modern metropolis, Shanghai can provide all kinds of delicacies from all over the world. No matter you want to enjoy a meal with Tom Yum Kung Soup or Escargots a la Bourguigonne, this all can easily be done in Shanghai, this amazing city.

French Cuisine Restaurants

Wanna enjoy elegant French Cuisine in the cozy and upscale atmosphere in Shanghai? No problem. Click here to find out where to eat the authentic Coq au Vin, Foie Gras, Cuiche Lorraine, Canenber, Calvados, Torte Fine aux Pommes et Sorbet, and La bowrride du pecheur a la prvencal.

Italian Cuisine Restaurants

An authentic Italian Meal with Steaks, pizza, pasta, soups and desserts will always be perfect. No matter go out with your lover or friends, Italian Cuisine is a good choice. Wanna enjoy authentic Italian Cuisine in Shanghai? If so then click here to know where to find these fabulous restaurants.

 Thai Cuisine Restaurants

Miss the authentic flavor of Tom Yum Goong soup, Shrimp Paste Spinach, Green Curry Chicken, Shrimp Cakes, Pineapple Rice and Curry Crab? Don’t worry, you can find authentic Thai Cuisine Restaurants in Shanghai. Click here to know where to find them.

Indian Cuisine Restaurants

Curry, Naan and so many spices with different flavor make Indian Cuisine so delicious. Wanna hang out with your friends in a Friday Night and enjoy a great authentic Indian Dinner in Shanghai. Click here then you will know where to find the awesome ones.

Japanese Cuisine Restaurants

If you have tasted the authentic the tender Kobe beef and fresh salmon sashimi , then the flavor of these gourmet must be unforgettable. Wanna eat them in Shanghai? Click here to know where to find fabulous Japanese Restaurants in Shanghai.

Korean Cuisine Restaurants

Roast beef, pickles cake, roast pork, chicken soup and kimchi. All the Korean Dishes are famous and delicious. Now you can enjoy the authentic Korean Cuisine in Shanghai now as more and more Korean people keep coming to Shanghai, this modern metropolis. Click here to know more about it.


Hot Pot

There is nothing can compare with eating Hotpot in the cold winter!  The tender and delicious instant-boiled mutton will make you feel that this winter is so warm! It’s also the best place for you to hang out with friends. Click here to know more about where to eat Hot Pot in Shanghai.

Sea Food

Luxury Shark Fin, Abalone is the best choice for you to invite the important business partner. Wanna know where to eat the best seafood in Shanghai. Click here then you will know.

Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian diet is becoming a fashion and trend in the whole world, they can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Wanna enjoy delicious Vegetarian Diet in Shanghai? Click here you will get the answer.

Buffet Dinner Restaurants

Wanna enjoy various kinds of gourmet at the same time? Wanna eat free Haagen-Dazs as much as you can after dinner? You should go to the Buffet Dinner Restaurants! There are some very good ones in Shanghai, click here to know more about it.