Shanghai’s Must visit Shopping Malls, Streets and Markets [with Map]

Shanghai has always been a shoppers paradise continuing on from its traditional heritage of offering the best of the east and the latest from the west. It’s a theme that very much persists today and here I’m going to highlight the must-visit shopping destinations on a trip to the city including the time-honored markets, local markets, mega-malls, and specialty stores.

Of course, all of these are a little too much for one visit so you can pick and choose as you like. If it is your first time in Shanghai, and your wondering what you should be fitting into your 3 to 5 day visit for shopping destinations then I suggest Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Nanjing West Road Station and HKRI Taikoo Hui, IAPM, and Wujiang Road Leisure Street, then for markets South Bund Fabric Market and A.P. Xinyang Fashion & Gifts Market.

For casual strolling, window shopping, and cafes then try the  Xintiandi and Tianzifang areas. Around most of the tourist attractions, you’re also going to run into lots of shopping areas at the same time such as Yuyuan Mart at Yuyuan Garden.

The Best of Shopping in Shanghai

Here’s your one-page guide to the top shopping destinations in Shanghai, Including markets, malls, plazas, and shopping streets. With them all on one map at the bottom of the page, so you can easily plan your shopping trip and where to stay.

This list is categorised into Markets, Shopping Malls, Shopping Streets, and Specialty Stores.

The Top Shopping Markets

Shanghai has several markets that are popular with tourists which I will list here plus a few that locals love. The markets are most popular for copy goods, cheap electronics and gadgets, and souvenirs. The fabric markets are hugely popular for their tailor services.

Shanghai A.P. Xinyang Fashion & Gifts Market Gifts Market 亚太新阳服饰礼品市场 Read More
A popular tourist market that sells clothes, souvenirs, cheap electronics, bags etc.
Address: It’s in the metro station, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Station via line 1 or line 2

South Bund Fabric Market 南外滩轻纺面料市场 – Read More
All the fabric you could ever want, and tailors to turn it into whatever you want. This is the biggest fabric market.
Address: 399 Lujiabang Road, 陆家浜399号 Metro: Nangpu Bridge Station on line 4 (and walk for 5 minutes) or taxi preferred. Bus: 43, 89, 931

Qipu Lu clothing market 七浦路服装批发市场 – Read More
Cheap clothes, busy market.
Address: Qipu Lu, near Henan Bei Lu 七浦路, 靠近河南北路 Metro: Tiantong Road Station on Line 10 and Line 12

Hongqiao International Pearl City 虹桥国际珍珠城 – Read More
Tourist market with copy bags, fashion, fashion accessories, shoes, and jewelry/pearls/jade.
Address: 3721 Hongmei Lu, Shanghai 虹梅路3721号(近延安西路)

Shanghai Shiliu Puhong Qixiang Cloth Market 十六铺面料城 – Read More
Three floors of silk, cashmere, fabrics, and tailors.
Address: 168 Dongmen Road, not far from Yuyuan Garden. Metro: Yuyuan Garden Station

Shanghai Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Market 万商花鸟市场(西藏南路店) – Read More
If you’re on holiday you probably don’t want to buy a goldfish to take home, regardless, it’s interesting to check out, some great photo ops.
Address: 417 Xizang Nan Lu, near Dongtai Lu 西藏南路417号(近东台路) Metro: Laoximen Station via line 10 or line 8

Tianshan Tea Market 天山茶城 – Read More
All types of tea, flower teas, all types of green and red teas. # floors, one floor has teaware.
Address: 518 Zhongshan Xi Road  中山西路518号(玉屏南路口)

Shanghai International Glasses Market 上海国际眼镜城 – Read More
3 stories of Wholesale and retail eyewear and accessories.
Address: 1688 Zhongxing Road 中兴路1688号火车站北广场长途客运总站1-4楼(近恒丰路桥) Metro: Shanghai Railway Station on Line 3 or line 4 Bus: No 88. 709, 224


The Top Shopping Malls

Most malls in Shanghai are open from 10 am to 10 pm. Shanghai has a lot of malls so here are my pick of the best and most interesting. Something you’ll notice about malls in China is that they are much more than just shopping, they offer public spaces, entertainment options, mid-price to high-end dining all of which makes them a goto destination for meeting friends, relaxation, and leisure time.

Shanghai IFC Mall 上海国金中心商场 – Read More
High-end shopping mall with shopping, dining, and leisure.
Address: 8 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai 世纪大道8号 Metro: Lujiazui Station on Line 2 – Exit 6

IAPM – Read More
High-end luxury brands, dining, and leisure.  Home of the first Gucci Cafe.
Address: 999 Huaihai Zhong Road, Xuhui District. 徐汇区淮海中路999号

Global Harbor 环球港 – Read More
A new addition to Shanghai and one of the largest. Featuring a rooftop garden, European architecture, cinema, dining, and more.
Address: Jinshajiang Road, Putuo District (near Zhongshan North Road) 普陀区金沙江路(近中山北路)

Orient Shopping Centre 东方商厦(徐汇店) – Read More
One of the city’s original high-end malls.
Address: Oriental Commercial Building, No. 8 Tunxi North Road, Xuhui District 徐汇区漕溪北路8号东方商厦

Super Brand Mall 正大广场 – Read More
Massive – 13 floors featuring over 70 restaurants and cafes for you to choose from when you need a break from shopping. More
Address: 168, Lujiazui Xi Road, Pudong, Shanghai 陆家嘴西路168号正大广场 Metro: Lujiazui Station on line 2

HKRI Taikoo Hui 兴业太古汇 – Read More
Impressive new mall, featuring over 250 brands, and loads of eateries. It’s also home to Starbucks Reserve Roastery which is their largest store in Asia and a worthy destination in itself.
Address: 789 Nanjing West Road 上海市静安区南京西路吴江路 Metro: take line 2, 12, or 13 to Nanjing West Road Station.

K11 – K11购物艺术中心 – Read More
K11 (also in Hong Kong and Guangzhou) has a core focus of integrating the three elements of art, humanity, and nature into the shopping experience which has proved to be popular.
Address:  300 Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District  上海市黄浦区淮海中路300号

Grand Gateway 港汇广场 – Read More
A very popular mall with mid-range prices.
Address: No.1 Hong Qiao Road, Xujiahui, Shanghai 虹桥路1号 Metro: Xujiahui Station on line 9

Shanghai Joy City 上海大悦城 – Read More
Located in the trendy Jing’an area this mall features a ferris wheel on its roof.
Address: 166 Tibet North Road, Jing’an District 上海市静安区西藏北路166号 ‎ Metro: Lines 8 and 12 to Qufu Road Station

Plaza 66 恒隆广场 – Read More
Luxury high-end mall with fashion, jewellery, dining.
Address: 1266 Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai 南京西路1266号 Metro: Nan Jing Xi Road Station on line 2, or Jing An Temple Station on line 2 or 7

Jiu Guang Department Store 久光百货 – Read More
Another high-end luxury mall.
Address: 1618 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai 南京西路1618号 Metro: Jing’an Temple Station

China Resources Times Square 上海时代广场 – Read More
Luxury high-end brands.
Address: No 500 Zhangyang Road, Pudong 张杨路500号 Metro: Shangcheng Road Station on line 9 exit 1

Isetan Shanghai 梅龙镇伊势丹 – Read More
Isetan is a Japanese-owned department store located inside Westgate Mall.
Address: No.1038 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai 南京西路1038号 Metro: Nanjing Road Station on line 2

Shanghai Times Square 大上海时代广场 –  Read More
Over 100 shops and restaurants, many luxury brand names.
Address: 99 Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai 淮海中路99号 Metro: Dashijie station on line 8

Citic Square 中信泰富广场 – Read More
Many luxury brands.
Address: No. 1168, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai 南京西路1168号 Metro: West Nanjing Road Station on line 2

Hong Kong Plaza 香港广场 – Read More
Luxury brands and eateries.
Address: 282 Mid-Huaihai Road 淮海中路282号(近黄陂南路) Metro: South Huang Pi Road Station on line 1 exit 2


The Top Shopping Areas and Shopping Streets

Something you’ll notice about Chinese urban planning is that they love to cluster things conceptually and it makes a lot of sense. You can find clusters of malls, stores, specific specialty stores right through to leisure and dining areas.


East Nanjing Road Commercial Zone – Read More
One of the world’s most famous shopping streets and an area you shouldn’t miss simply for its historic significance. There are several malls located on the western section towards Yanan Xilu (Yanan West Road) and in the eastern section towards the Bund you’ll find the famous pedestrian street, many famous local specialty shops, fashion brands and a bustling atmosphere.

Metro: People’s Square Station on Subway Line 1, 2 and 8 and walk east OR Nanjing East Station and walk west. Bus: East Nanjing Road Station bus# 14, 66, 306

West Nanjing Road Commercial Zone – Read More
Malls include Westgate Mall, Plaza 66, New World City, Shanghai Center, Jiuguang Department Store and Citic Plaza. Here you will find many major global luxury brand names like Tiffanys, Burberry, Agnes’s b, Callaway, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Paul & Shark, Stefano Ricci, Omega, TAG Heuer and more.

Metro: West Nanjing Road Subway Station on Line 1 OR Jingan Temple Station from the far western end OR People’s Square Station on Subway Line 1, 2 and 8 and walk west. Bus: North Shaanxi Road West Nanjing Road Station bus# 24, 104, 128, 738, 955, North Shaanxi Road Station bus# 15, 20, 21, 49, 148, 304, 311, 925

Middle Huaihai Road Commercial Zone – Read More
You’ll find many designer stores here and upmarket fashions on this beautifully classic street. It’s a long street and the shopping runs for almost six kilometers! The new IAPM mall is a popular starting point, nearby is Parkson and City Shop.

Metro: South Shaanxi Road Station. Address – Huaihai Road from Middle Xizang Road to Shaanxi Road

Xujiahui Commercial Zone
Several malls here including Grand Gateway, Metro City, Pacific Department Store, TaipingYang Suma Plaza and Huijin Department Store. This is probably the place you’ll want to check out if you’re looking for electronics, cameras, gadgets or mobile phones.

Metro: Xujiahui Station on Line 1 Bus: Xujiahui Station – bus# 320, 855, 926, 958, 923

Zhongshan Park Commercial Zone
Cloud Nine is the major mall here, popular for its mid-level pricing with brands such as H&M, Esprit, Nike, Adidas and more.

Metro: Zhongshan Park Station on line 2, 3 and 4 Bus: Changning Road Station bus# 224, 519, Zhongshan Park

Yuyuan Mart – Read More
A popular attraction in Shanghai, Yuyuan Garden is surrounded by shopping streets. Here is the place to find curios and souvenirs along with experiencing some famous local snacks. Very much a tourist area.

Address: 269 Middle Fangbang Road/238 Fuyou Road Bus: Fuyou Road Lishui Road (Cheng Huang Miao) Station bus# 932; South Henan Road Fuyou Road Station bus# 66, 306, 929

Lujiazui Pudong Commercial Zone – Read More
The area features some of the new Shanghai’s iconic buildings such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, World Financial Center and International Convention Center. For shopping, you won’t want to miss the massive Super Brand Mall and the Shanghai IFC Mall. Nearby in Pudong, there is also Thumb Plaza, Printemps, Life Hub Jinqiao, Nextage Department Store, Plaza 96 and Asia Pacific Plaza.

Metro: Lujiazui Station on Line 2

Xintiandi – Read More
A new and hip shopping area, set in amongst the traditional Shikumen style architecture. It’s a relaxed place that exudes affluence, you can wine, dine, relax and shop.

Metro: South Huang Pi Road Station on Line 1 OR Xintiandi Station on Line 10

Tianzifang – Read More
Set among narrow laneways of the old French Quarter, once residential houses converted into a commercial shopping area. Arts, crafts, tourist souvenirs, cafes and more.

Address: Lane 210, Taikang Road, Luwan District Metro: Dapuqiao Station (Exit 1) on Line 9.

Fuzhou Road Cultural Street – Read More
Featuring traditional Chinese style architecture and stores packed with books, Chinese memorabilia, curios and such.

Getting There: Fuzhou Road, Huangpu District. Metro: People’s Square Station

Shanghai Old Street – Read More
Located very near to Yu Garden and Temple of God, the street offers up local specialties products with many of the buildings featuring traditional Chinese architecture.

Getting There: Fangbang Middle Road (between Renmin Road – Henan Road). Metro: Yu Garden Station on Line 10

Qibao Old Street – Read More
Qibao Old Town features Hui style architecture and a river running through its center. It’s a great escape from the modernity of Shanghai. In Qibao Old Street there are many shops selling snacks, gifts, traditional crafts, calligraphy, and paintings.

Getting There: Qibao Old Town. Metro: Qiabao Station on Line 9


Specialty Stores

Xing Guang photography equipment center (新光摄影器材城)
Six floors of camera and photo equipment
Address: 300 Luban Lu near Xietu Lu, 鲁班路300号、近斜土路


Shanghai Shopping Map – inc. Shopping Streets, Malls, and Markets

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