Local Snacks

Fried Stuffed Bun(生煎馒头)

With a hundred years of history, fried Stuffed Bun is a typical local snack of Shanghai. Shanghai people use the semi-fermented paste to make the wraps, as well as pork, shallot, ginger and sesame oil to make the stuffing. Then they fry the buns and spray them with water several times. At last, they sprinkle some sesame and shallot on the buns. The golden-colored Fried Stuffed Bun tastes fantastic.

Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun(南翔小笼包)

Originating from Nanxiang Town in Jiading District of Shanghai, Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun has over 100 years old history. Its stuffing is made of many ingredients, including pork, salt, sugar, soy, sesame and ginger. Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun is famous for its thin wrap and big stuffing with amazing flavor.

Chop Rice Cake(排骨年糕)

Mainly made of a big pork chop and rice cakes, Chop Rice Cake is a distinctive local Shanghai snack. You will be shocked by its own unique taste the first time you eat tit. The pork chop taste a bit greasy but the rice cakes will make the ballance.

Crab-Yellow Pastry(蟹壳黄)

It is called Crab-Yellow Pastry because it is yellow and looks like the shell of a cooked crab. Made of oil-mixed dough, the pastry tastes very fragrant and sweet. Don’t miss it.

Leisha Dumpling(擂沙圆)

The wrap of Leisha Dumpling is made of glutinous rice dumpling and the stuffing is made of sweet bean paste and sesame. When you eat the snack, you should put the entire one into your mouth, then spit on it . The sweet bean will come out and you will feel so sweet!