Shanghainese Cuisine Restaurants

Shanghainese Cuisine Restaurants Recommended

Whampoa Club(黄浦会)

Possessing of spectacular design and views, Whampoa Club is perhaps Shanghai’s best Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant. Highly recommend drunken chicken here, which will be served in a Martini glass with rice wine granita.

Price: More than RMB 400 Per Person

Address: Num3 on the Bund, Zhongshan Dong Yi Road

Tel: 6321-3737


Maybe it’s a little bit hard for customers to find this stylish Shanghainese restaurant, but the super menu will make you feel the search is worth. Give the shrimp balls, lemon chicken and crispy duck a try.

Price: About RMB 200 Per Person

Address: Num1221, Yan’an Xi Road

Tel: 6213-2441


Now there are a chain of “new” Jesse restaurants-Xin Jishi-in all conrners of Shanghai, but the original is still the best. You won’t forget the amazing taste of braised pork shoulder, a braise fish head covered in fried spring onions here. Besides, highly recommend the dish called “hongshao rou” here, which is fabulous in my opinion.

Price: About RMB 400 Per Person

Address: Num41, Tianping Road

Tel: 6282-9260

Old Station Restaurant

Located in an old French monastery, this restaurant is a must-try. Once you sit there, you can feel the old Shanghai. Rocommend the smoke fish and shredded crab tofu here.

Price: About RMB 300 Per Person

Address: Metro Line1, Xujiahui Station, Exit9

Tel: 6427-2233