The Bund Night Scene of Shanghai

The Bund can be called the most beauty place of Shanghai, had been reviewed as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years. Thousands of tourists come to visit every day, but the night scene of The Bund is the marrow of it, which you can never miss.

You can see many Shanghai people coming here to have a walk, or many kids bring kites to fly. Many people enjoy the themselves by sitting down along the side of the paths and chatting after a full day hard work. Everything become so peaceful and everybody enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

In the night, the entire Pu Dong skyline is illuminated, including the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the 2nd tallest building in the world-Jin Mao Tower. Walking in such place at night is really fascinating, making people really fall into love with their lives. After you go across Zhongshan Road, you can see many different types of structures from Old Shanghai such as Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque and Renaissance, making you feel like being in another country.

When you walk to the end of Nanjing Road, you will find Chen Yi Square, another beautiful scene you can’t miss. You might know that Chen Yi is the first Major of Shanghai City, one of the top marshals of China. There is a statue sitting North facing the South with a heights of 5.6 meter, in the South of which there is a fountain, along with the conversion of lighting, red, yellow, green…… What a magnificent night scene!!!