Shanghai Acrobatics Show

Chinese acrobatics, originated form the time of Han Dynasty, is one of the oldest performing arts that have passed down from generation to generation. Now as you are in Shanghai now, there is no way for you miss this ancient Chinese art show.

Acrobatics is extremely difficult and needs hard lasting training. The exciting performances includes Two Person Rolling Cup, Thirteen person Carrying bowl on their heads and so on. Nowadays you can see Acrobatic Show with even more difficult twists and turns.

The Shanghai acrobatic show contains all these fabulous performances.  You can see the audience keep clapping hands from the start to the end because of the From the start to the end of the show because of the wonderful balance and strength the acrobats show.

As the show progresses, more and more acrobats show off their personal skills. Sometimes they can stand on a 5 meter high bamboo pole and keep balance at the same time, sometimes one small thin man can hold 2 very strong men standing on his shoulder. You will find that the acrobatic show is worth every penny you have paid for it.

Address: No.549, Middle of Yanan Road, Shanghai, P.R.C