Shanghai Disneyland – What You Need to Know b4 You Go

Shanghai Disney Resort, located in Pudong, is the first Disney park resort in mainland China. The resort opened on June 16, 2016. The entire Disney area features Shanghai Disneyland Park, Disneytown which is an entertainment and shopping district, two themed hotels and Wishing Star Lake.

On this page I will cover the key attractions, buying tickets, key visiting tips, where to stay near Disneyland and hot to get there.



The Seven Themed Areas of Disneyland Shanghai

Mickey Avenue

The main entrance to the park which has a very USA theme, and also featuring many shops and lively characters wandering around to welcome visitors to the park and the world of Disney.

Gardens of Imagination

This is basically the glue to the whole park, Garden of Imagination seamlessly joins everything together yet is a series of combined attractions in itself. There is a distinct Chinese theme to the park, as there should be, featuring Chinese Zodiac animals represented as Disney characters, along with attractions include Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Fantasia Carousel, and Marvel Super Heroes at Marvel Universe. It also features the longest parade route in Disney park for Mickey’s Storybook Express.

 Adventure Isle

A mysterious world full of hidden treasures, this section offers up a rapid river ride, the Roaring Rapids and a hang-gliding experience, Soaring over the Horizon. Other attractions include a live acrobatic show, Tarzan: Call of the Jungle and Camp Discovery.

Treasure Cove

Welcome to the world of Jack Sparrow! Treasure Island is an 18th century Spanish harbor town which features the ride Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure and a stunt show Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular.


The high-tech park takes cues from science fiction movies and is home to one of the parks most popular rides TRON Lightcycle Power Run which is a futuristic roller coaster ride. Other attractions include Jet Packs Ride, Star Wars Launch Bay, Stitch Encounter, and Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue.


Fantasyland features Enchanted Storybook Castle, which is the tallest, largest and the most interactive Disney Castle in the world. It features Royal Banquet Hall restaurant, Voyage to the Crystal Grotto and Alice in Wonderland Maze. Other attractions include Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan’s Flight, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.

Toy Story Playland

Set to open in 2018, it is planned to feature two themed rides and restaurants.



Disneyland Shanghai Tickets

Buy your tickets in advance. Read that first line again. You can buy tickets online at the official website ( or via the official APP or by phone 400-180-0000 / 86-21-31580000 or by WeChat (ID: ShangHaiDisneyResort) to book a ticket. NOTE: you will need to show the ID used to buy the tickets at the park entry so be sure to take it with you.

Ticket Price

Ticket Type Regular Peak
Standard (1.4m+ / 4.6ft+) 1-day Ticket CNY 370 CNY 499
2-day Ticket CNY 670 CNY 900
Child (1-1.4m / 3.3-4.6ft)
Senior (Age 65+)
Disabled (Certificate of Disability required)
1-day Ticket CNY 280 CNY 375
2-day Ticket CNY 510 CNY 680

Peak days are usually Saturday and Sunday, public holidays and peak travel periods. I would avoid these days, not only due to the extra cost but to also avoid the crowds. Children under 1 meter (3.3 feet) can enter for free when accompanied by an adult.

Opening Hours in 2017

The park generally opens from 8am till 8pm but they do adjust these times and I recommend downloading their APP or keeping an eye on their website homepage which displays the operating times for the day see: and hover over the Park & Tickets menu link.

The Lion King Performance

Time Ticket Price Duration Location
19:00 CNY 190 – 1,000 2.5 hours Walt Disney Grand Theater in Disneytown outside the park

Other Performances (Included in entrance ticket)

Also see their calendar page for daily updates: 

Show Time Duration Location
Tarzan: Call of the Jungle 10:45, 11:45, 13:00, 14:00, 15:30, 16:45, 18:00, 19:30 30 minutes Adventure Isle
Frozen: A Sing-Along Celebration 10:45, 11:45, 13:00, 13:45, 14:45, 15:30, 16:30, 16:45, 18:45, 19:45 18 minutes Fantasyland
Golden Fairytale Fanfare 10:15, 11:15, 14:15, 16:30, 17:30 17 minutes Gardens of Imagination
Ignite the Dream – A Nighttime Spectacular of Magic and Light 20:30 20 minutes Gardens of Imagination
Mickey’s Storybook Express 12:00, 15:30 14 minutes Gardens of Imagination
Marvel Comic Academy 9:00 to 21:00 Gardens of Imagination
Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular 10:30, 11:15, 11:50, 12:25, 13:00, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:10, 17:10, 17:45, 18:20, 19:05, 19:50 30 minutes Treasure Cove
Baymax Super Exercise Expo 10:15, 11:20, 12:45, 13:50, 14:55, 16:00 Tomorrowland
Club Destin-E at Tomorrowland 17:30 Tomorrowland

Eating at Disneyland

I feel it’s expensive, but I am comparing it to the value I’d get in downtown Shanghai, others say when compared to other Disneylands, it’s the same or cheaper. Regardless, there are plenty of places to eat inside the park and outside the park at Disneytown which I will talk more about further below.

Inside the park there are some 13 or more options at last count ranging from snack stalls to cafes through to restaurants. As a general guide, a hamburger with drink and fries is about 80 CNY.

The pinnacle of dining options is the Royal Banquet Hall which is inside Enchanted Storybook Castle and offers 3-course set menu and kids menu The prices change with menu changes but you can roughly say it will be 350-400 CNY per person and you should book in advance.

Shanghai Disneyland Travel Tips

1. Travel smart and avoid the crowds. Most new visitors to China will not be comfortable with massive crowds, so choose nonpeak days and it’s best to avoid going during public holidays altogether.

2. The official APP has queue times and park map to help you choose which route around the park. In extreme cases, queue times for rides can be over 2 hours! Plan your route, be a contrarian where possible, and make wise use of Fast pass tickets.

3. Wear comfortable clothes. Shanghai summers can be hot & humid, do take a hat and remember to drink more fluids.

4. As for rainy weather, it’s better to choose another day if possible.

5. You are allowed to take sealed bottled water into the park and packaged food.

6. Prohibited items include selfie sticks, large tripods, folding chairs, large luggage and animals excluding guide dogs

7. There is a Left Luggage service at the carpark and at the theme park entrance near Guest Services. Do note the cost of 80 CNY per item.

8. If traveling by metro buy your return ticket when you arrive at Disneyland station, that way you can avoid the tickets queues when the park closes.

9. Crowds & Etiquette, many first time visitors to China struggle with the crowds, and people bumping, and sometimes what looks to be people jumping queue, and so on. Chinese culture is different, how 1,3 billion people cohabitate is different and this is their country. You and me, we need to learn to roll with it, as they do. A tip may be to have a pre-prepared mental strategy so that becoming overwhelmed by crowds doesn’t end up ruining your day. That could be finding a quiet spot and taking a few deep breaths, or just shutting your eyes and letting it go, or, be Chinese and do as they do, as this is everyday life for them and they are having fun, and so should you.

10. Buy your tickets in advance

11. Don’t feel language is a barrier. There are English speaking staff speak and signage also has English. There are also staff that speak other languages. Do note that performances are in Mandarin, but regardless they are highly visual and most seem to enjoy regardless.

Shopping at Disneytown

Located beside Disneyland (and no ticket required) is Disneytown and Wishing Star Lake. Here you will find shops, restaurants, and cafes. There are often musical performances and Disney characters wandering about. Of course, you can easily buy Disney products here, but there are also lots of other brands here including I.T the Hong Kong fashion retailer, the largest Lego flagship store in the world, Pandora jewelry, Sephora beauty products along with other clothing retailers.

As for food, there is plenty including Food Republic dining hall, Element Fresh which is famous cafe in Shanghai, Starbucks, Toast Box, Bread Talk Bakery and much more.



How to get to Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Metro

Take Line 11 to Disneyland Park Station and head out Exit 1. If you are going home via metro, buy that ticket now as the lines for tickets can be quite long when the park closes.

Shanghai Public Bus

Take bus line Pudong 50, Pudong 51 or Pudong 52 and get off at South Public Transit Hub. Then take the Disney shuttle bus to the resort and walk from there. You could also walk from the station to the park.

Express Bus

The express bus is the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone Express ( which stops near Disneyland (3 min walk).

Line Depart From Departure Time Fare (CNY)
1 Shanghai Long-Distance General Bus Station 上海汽车总站 (near Railway Station): 1666, Zhongxing Rd. 08:10, 09:45 30
2 Shanghai Long-Distance South Bus Station 上海长途客运南站 (near South Railway Station):  666, Shilong Rd. 08:00, 10:00, 12:00 30
3 Hongqiao Transportation Hub 上海虹桥机场客运站 (near Hongqiao Railway Station): 298, Shenhong Rd. 09:00, 10:00, 11:00 40
4 Pudong Airport: Located at T1 & T2 terminals 11:00 30
5 General Station of the Tour Bus Center 上海市徐汇区中山南二路2409号 2409, Zhongshan Nan’er Rd. 08:00 30
6 Hongkou Branch of the Tour Bus Center 上海旅游集散中心虹口分站 444, Dongjiangwan Rd. 08:00 30


Take a taxi from downtown to Disneyland: CNY 130 and 60-70mins

Take a taxi from Pudong Airport to Disneyland: CNY 70 and 40-50mins

Address (English & Chinese)

Shanghai Disneyland Resort 上海迪士尼乐园

Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, 360 Shendi Xi Lu, Chuansha New Town, Pudong New Area.  上海市川沙申迪西路360号

Hotels near Disneyland Shanghai

Of course, there are also two on-site themed hotels, being Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel which can be booked via their website. Alternatively, if Disneyland is your main interest and you’d like to be close to the action or you plan on visiting the park over consecutive days then I will recommend these two hotels. They are foreigner friendly, have great review scores and offer free shuttle services and as an added bonus they are close to a metro station.

Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai – 4 Star – Located 900m from Disneyland the hotel offers free shuttle to and from Shanghai Disneyland. It also offers a Kid’s Land play area, gym, bar and restaurant. It is also close to Kangxin Metro Station on line 11.

Novotel Shanghai Clover – 5 star – Also located very close to the park and also offering free shuttle services. Again it is also within walking distance of Kangxin Metro station on line 11. The hotel itself offers gym, outdoor pool, children’s playground, bar and restaurant.

Whilst these hotels are perfect for a Disney experience, I would perhaps not use these as a base for an entire visit to Shanghai as it’s a lot of traveling every day to and from the central attractions. For that, I would choose from the top hotels on Nanjing Road or the top five star hotels.


Shanghai Disneyland Map Location & Nearby Hotels

Note: Google maps does not show that line 11 continues into the park, I have added this on in red

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