Shanghai Xin Tian Di at Night

Shanghai Xin Tian Di is very popular and exiting at night, attracting lots of foreign tourists. Here is where old meets new, which means you will find many modern shops, restaurants, cafe and bars in the traditional houses of old Shanghai(called “Shikumen”).  Here also can be called where East meets West, so if you want to know what the true Shanghai taste like, you need to come out at night and have fun with your friends in Xin Tian Di!

When the night is approaching, you can feel the city become exciting in Xin Tian Di. The romantic people gather here from every corner of the city, singing and dancing, drinking and swaying. One second before, you are speaking a yong girl who speaks Gentle Shanghai dialect,  next second you find yourself are talking with a lady from Paris about what is true France Wine tasting like.

You are able to find fashion young friends who are willing to dance with you in Strong music, also you can find somebody who are interested in Goethe and willing to discuss with you in a cozy cafe. On Friday night, you can call some close friends to enjoy the Brazil BBQ here, or go to some Chinese Cuisine Restaurants, discovering different Chinese culture by yourselves.

If you don’t take a walk in these old Shanghai lane, you will regret when you are leaving Shanghai. These Lanes are the deposit of Shanghai, it sees Shanghai’s ups and downs in hundreds of years. Only when you are there, walking, talking with your friends, then you can understand and taste those ages, when people are speaking soft Shanghai Dialect and wearing Cheongsam。