People’s Square – The Heart of Shanghai

People’s Square – 上海人民广场 – marks the very center of Shanghai and is also the divider between East Nanjing Road (the famous pedestrian street) and West Nanjing Road.

In this area, you’ll find

People’s Park – 人民公园 – in People’s Park, you’ll find amusement rides for children places for picnics, stone tables and chairs that are often used for playing chess, landscaped areas, pavilions, and large open areas where you’ll see people dancing and exercising of a morning and night. The park is also home to the ‘Marriage Market’, an age-old tradition of parents helping to find their children a spouse.

Shanghai Museum – 上海博物馆 –  possessing 120,000 national treasures and cultural relics, read more.

Shanghai Grand Theatre – 上海大剧院 – First opened in 1998, The whole building features three theaters including a 1,800-seat theater for ballet, opera, and symphony; a 550-seat theater for local opera and chamber music; and a 250-seat theater for drama and singing and dancing. In addition, the Grand Theater’s ancillary facilities include the rooftop banquet hall on the eighth floor, the cultural exhibition hall on the ground floor and Maxim’s coffee shop.

Shanghai Municipal Government Building – 上海市政大厦 – Government building and landmark.

Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art – 上海当代艺术馆 – featuring contemporary art and design.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall – 城市规划馆 –  No one that visits this is ever disappointed, and most walk away in awe of the planning and strategic thinking that has gone into creating the Shanghai of today and into the future.

Hong Kong Shopping Centre – 香港名店街 –  is the longest underground commercial street in Shanghai. Featuring a lot of independent stalls offering a diverse range of products such as clothing, jewelry, toys, gifts, small jewelry along with some brands such as VEROMODA, ONLY, BAXTON.

People’s Square Metro Station – 人民广场站 – is Shanghai’s most important transportation hub and the intersection of Metro Line 1, Line 2 and Line 8. The station has a staggering 20 exits, so be sure to choose the right one for your destination! More about Shanghai Metro



Getting There

You can take the Metro line 1 or Metro line 8, to People’s Square Station and use Exit 16. You can also take Metro line 2 to People’s Square Station and use Exit 12.


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