People’s Park

People’s Park is located in the center of Shanghai, east of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, and has always enjoyed the reputation of being Shanghai’s “urban green lungs”.

The park can be roughly divided into three scenic spots: east, middle, and west. 

The main attractions in the northeast are the Memorial to the May Thirtieth Movement, the Antarctic stone, Fengguanglou tea room, amphitheater, dance hall, and other buildings. There is a large gallery on the north side of the lawn, stone tables and stone benches in the jungle.

For visitors to play, game or picnic; West District features the Lotus Pond, garden architecture, there are pavilions, corridors, plaques, rockeries, pools and wisteria porches, a wide variety of plants, four seasons of flowers and is the main scenic area.

The park is dominated by plant landscaping, promoting biodiversity, focusing on the introduction of new plant products, and arranging a large number of flowering shrubs and color-leaf wood. There are traditional landscape areas such as Haitang Garden, Cuibi Lake, Lotus Pond, and Xishan Waterfall. There are also colorful and romantic and modern landscapes such as Magnolia Garden and Bai Garden. It is a comprehensive leisure function park.

Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art is also located inside the park and an interesting cultural element of the park is the traditional “Marriage Market” where parents meet in the hope of arranging a potential partner for their sons or daughters.

Entry is free. Opposite the park is People’s Square.


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  • CN Name: 人民公园
  • EN Address: 231, Nanjing West Road, Huangpu District
  • CN Address: 黄浦区南京西路231号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: The Yangtze Boutique Shanghai
  • Getting There: Take Subway Line 1, Line 2 and Line 8 and get off at Exit 11 of People’s Square Station.
  • Open Hours: 5:00-21:00

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