Century Park

Located at the southeastern end of Century Avenue in Pudong, Century Park is the largest natural ecological park in Shanghai. The park is divided into local rural areas, lakeside areas, sparse forest lawn areas, bird protection areas, exotic parks and other scenic spots. The ecological environment is good, which is an excellent choice for relaxing mood and leisure in the city.

The Jingtian Lake in the park is the largest artificial lake in Shanghai. In addition, Zhangjiatun River passes through the garden. The park offers fishing and boat trips by the lake, making it an entertainment choice. There are dozens of species of birds inhabited by the bird sanctuary in the park, and dozens of gray magpies specially bred in the park are arguing and playing in this area, and there is a lot of fun among the trees and lakes.


There are many themed areas inside the park. The Oriental Hongzhu Bonsai Garden in the northeast has more than 160 characteristic bonsai, while the sparse forest area has opened four gardens in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every season, you can enter the park to watch the beautiful flowers of the season.

The most representative attraction is the Century Flower Clock in the northern part of Jingtian Lake. It is the most iconic attraction in the whole park. The clock is surrounded by flowers, with the seeds of the boxwood as the time scale. The center of the clock plate is decorated with yellow flowers and colorful. And the flower clock is not just a decoration, it has a real timing function, controlled by satellite instruments, and the error is controlled within 0.03 seconds, which is very fascinating.


Among these garden vegetations are green labyrinths, plant camels, plant peacocks and many other plants-built shapes, as well as special sculptures such as the Green World and the Olmeiga ethnic carvings. These sculptures are dotted in the green jungle to create a serene and tranquil natural environment that contrasts sharply with the surrounding urban areas, making the park more vibrant.

In the north of the park is the Century Park amusement park. There are many children’s play items such as bumper cars, skywalks, and drifting boats. It is a paradise for children. To the west of the amusement park is the music fountain scenic spot, with 208 nozzles and more than 600 lanterns. Here you can see the water column with the music and dance landscape, elegant and romantic.

The park also contains a mini-golf course, a large open public square, and more.

Entry is 10 RMB.


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  • CN Name: 世纪公园
  • EN Address: Century Park, 1001 Jinxiu Road, Pudong New Area
  • CN Address: 浦东新区锦绣路1001号世纪公园
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Dorsett Shanghai
  • Getting There: Exit 1/4 of Century Park Station of Metro Line 2, or Exit 5 of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station of Metro Line 2, or Exit 5 of Huamu Road Station of Metro Line 7. Nearby bus stops: Century Park Subway Station, Jinxiu Road Century Avenue Station.
  • Open Hours: March 16th – November 15th 6:00-18:00; November 16th – March 15th 6:00-17:00; (Where: 6:00 – 7:59 is free opening hours )

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