Shanghai Happy Valley

Shanghai Happy Valley is a large theme park designed for the whole family including roller coaster, and thrill rides, along with many wonderful performances, and major festivals such as the Mayan Carnival and the International Magic Festival being held here.

Introduction to the seven major theme areas

Sunshine Harbor
Located near the entrance to the park, is a romantic harbor with a backdrop of marine culture, where visitors can stop to take pictures. There are also more than ten projects such as Victorian Art Street, a flying theater that leads visitors to experience the sky, and a multi-purpose theater, Arthur Palace, which offers corporate presentations, banquets and classic performances. Lakeside Plaza is also the main venue for the beer carnival in summer.

Happy Times
Featuring the most popular ride in the park, the Wooden Coaster-Fireball, along with Twin-Tower Heroes, Power Surge, Dreamy Top, Double-decker Carousel, Happy Bouncing, Wave Swinger, X-Dimension.

Shangri-la Woods
The mysterious shrine of Shangri-La where you can raft through the winding canyons and take a ride in the lush rainforest on a blue moon. Blue Moon Speeding at 30 meters high altitude, nearly 100km/h, amazing train speed, giving you a wonderful feeling of free flying. Canyon Rafting is a classic water recreation project in Happy Valley, taking you through the canyons, rockeries, culverts, forest farms, and flower seas for a romantic drifting adventure. This project requires a raincoat or a purchase at the entrance to Happy Valley. After the play, the raincoat is recommended if it is not bad, because it can be recycled after the rapids.

Shanghai Bund
There are scenes of going to the beach half a century ago, and there is also a drop-out roller coaster that represents the top level of today’s entertainment equipment, the thrilling, thrilling and big pendulum, and so on. Rides include Sky Drop, Energy Storm, Gyro Swing, Diving Coaster, and 4D Theater.

Typhoon Bay
The Typhoon Bay is a stage for the brave with rides including Shoot the Chute, Splash Over, Magic Hat, Storm Travel.

Gold Mines
Recalls the gold mining township in the history of the western United States. Here you can take a mine car and experience the thrilling scene of miners escaping from the flood. You can board Treasure Island and take a panoramic view of the park. Treasure Island is the highest point of the park, the project will automatically rotate, leading you to overlook the entire Happy Valley of Shanghai. However, the play time is very short, so take photos. Mine adventures are lane-type mining vehicles that are known for their speed, height, and turn. They will bring an adventure-like sliding experience.

Happy Ocean
Popular with children there are nautical battleships, ocean adventures, waterships, small flying fish and other fun projects. Combining the new features of “warm, romantic”, come and join this grand “Marine Carnival”.


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  • CN Name: 上海欢乐谷
  • Website:
  • EN Address: No. 888, Linhu Road, Songshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai
  • CN Address: 上海市松江区佘山镇林湖路888号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: The Yuluxe Sheshan
  • Getting There: Take Subway Line 9 and get off at Sheshan Station. Cross the street to Happy Valley Connection Station and take the park shuttle.
  • Open Hours: January 2nd – February 4th 9:30-20:00; December 7th – January 1st 9:30-21:00; December 30th – January 1st (New Year’s Day) Long holiday): 9:00-21:00 on the opening day and 16:00 on the opening night.

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