Shanghai Tea House

Tea culture occupies an important position in China, Shanghai is no exception. If you want to enjoy a quiet, warm, cozy night, Shanghai Tea House is your best choice.

Being a little different from normal tea house of China, tea house in Shanghai is still very traditional, but more modern and fashion. Most of the tea house will play soft music, most of them play folk music, but some will play jazz or blues. You can see many petit bourgeois people whispering with each other in this cozy, romantic atmosphere.

You can many kinds of tea there, such as Longjing tea, black tea, oolong tea and Pu-erh teas. They also serve lots of snacks with southern flavor.

One of the most famous tea house is called Huxinting, attracting many famous people here, such as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Sihanouk couples, President of Malta, Governor General of Canada, Prime Minister of Sweden, Prime Minister of Japan, etc.

Tea House Recommended

Huxingting Tea House (湖心亭茶馆)

Locatin: Num257, Yuyuan Road, Huangpu District.  黄浦区豫园路257号

Price: about 77 RMB per person

Tel: 021-63736950 

Old Shanghai Tea House (老上海茶馆)

Locatin: Num 385, Fang Bang Zhong Road, Huangpu District.  黄浦区方浜中路385号

Price: about 55 RMB per person

Tel: 021-53821202