Fuzhou Road Cultural Street

Fuzhou Road is located near People’s Square, it runs east-west direction parallel to Nanjing Road and is one of the earliest roads opened by the old concession. Fuzhou Road is 1,453 meters long, starting from Zhongshan East Road and ending in Tibet Middle Road (Xizang Middle Road). It is one of the four original dirt roads leading to the Huangpu River in Shanghai and is known as the “First Street of Chinese Culture”.


In 1846, a number of bookstores founded by Chinese people or from outside the country opened one after another. Fuzhou Road became the source of Shanghai’s regional culture. You could say it was a part of the development and progress of Chinese culture. In 1897, the opening of the Commercial Press marked the rise of China’s modern publishing industry. Soon, with the introduction of a large number of bookstores such as Western social sciences and natural sciences, Fuzhou Road Cultural Street has begun to take shape. After more than 50 years of construction since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Fuzhou Road has gained a reputation as the “First Street of Chinese Culture”.


Some of the famous shops on the street
Yangzhenhua Pen Village: 300 Fuzhou Road
Shanghai Huifeng Sheet Store: 305 Fuzhou Road
Shanghai Cultural Mansion: 355 Fuzhou Road
Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore (Shanghai Book Traders): 390 Fuzhou Road
Shanghai Ancient Books Shop: 401 Fuzhou Road
Shanghai Art Articles Store: 402 Fuzhou Road
Shanghai Bookstore: 465 Fuzhou Road read more
Shanghai Musical Books Shop: 655 Fuzhou Road


Chinese Name: 福州路文化街

Address: Fuzhou Road, Huangpu District.

Getting There: Metro line 1, 2, or 8 to People’s Square Station


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