Changfeng Park

Changfeng Park is a large landscape park right in the city center. The park is home to the Sea World and the racing arena, which is a great place for leisure and relaxation on weekends. The park is highlighted by large lawns, rockeries, and artificial lakes, as well as many facilities for young people.

There are more than 20 scenic spots in Changfeng Park with the must-see sights including Silver Hoe Lake, Hill of Iron Arms featuring pavilions and many rare plants, Maple Island with many colorful Maple trees, and Ocean World Park which was the first ocean-based theme park in China.

To the north of the park is a 100-meter-long “Brave Road” consisting of iron ropes, hanging ladders, and ground caves. It is very popular among teenagers. To the west of the park is a small train, and the tracks are hovering in a small valley. A large amusement machine is set up on the south side of the park, including facilities such as sleds and electric strollers.

To the southeast of the park is an open-air swimming pool and its ancillary facilities, including electric boats, hand-boating, pedal boats and other water recreation activities. In addition, the land recreation activities are another major feature of the park, including bumper cars, pirate ships, small trains, etc., which is very suitable for family and friends to play together.


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  • CN Name: 长风公园
  • EN Address: No. 451, Daduhe Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
  • CN Address: 上海市普陀区大渡河路451号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai Changfeng Park
  • Getting There: Take Metro Line 13 to Daduhe Road Station, or take the bus to Daduhe Road Yunling East Road Station and walk.
  • Open Hours: April 1st – April 30th 5:00-21:00; May 1st – September 30th 5:00-21:30; October 1st – October 31st 6:00-21:30 November 1st – March 31st, 6:00-21:00.

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