Shanghai Botanical Garden

Shanghai Botanical Garden is located in the south of the city, adjacent to South Railway Station and South Bus Station. The botanical garden is not far from the city center. Every day, many people come here for a walk, playing badminton on the grass and even fishing by the river. However, the most popular feature in the botanical gardens are all kinds of flowers and plants. Here you can enjoy a variety of beautiful flowers all year round, and often there are themed flower shows, you can see many rare flower varieties, it’s a paradise for flower lovers and photographers.

The botanical garden has four entrances and there are bus stops nearby, which are very convenient. The botanical garden is not too big, and it usually takes two hours to travel. No matter when you come to visit the park, you can see different flowers all year round, and often there are theme flower exhibition activities.

There are various plant exhibition areas in the park. In the summer, you can go to the cool bamboo garden, or go to the lotus flower; in autumn, you can enjoy the autumn chrysanthemum, or see the red maple in the maple garden, the yellow tulip in the magnolia garden, and the hawthorn in the rose garden. Plants such as heather and sea otters; visit the exhibition greenhouse in winter to see a variety of exotic tropical plants.

Spring is the most popular time for visitors to flowers, especially during the period of 3-5 months of cherry blossoms, peach blossoms and tulips. The exhibition greenhouses, bonsai gardens, conservatory, are the special exhibition areas of the botanical gardens and you need to buy tickets separately to visit or buy a combo ticket at entry.

In addition to flower viewing, you can rent a bicycle in the botanical garden (approximately 40 yuan per hour per vehicle) or take a boat in the river (electric boat 50 yuan per half hour).

There is a children’s playground near the 4th gate. Children can enjoy the small train, a carousel, a bumper car, etc. The price is about 15-20 RMB each time. There are many kiosks in the park, but food and drinks are more expensive than outside. It is recommended to bring your own drinks.

After visiting the botanical garden, you can also visit the famous ancient temple Longhua Temple. Take the 178 bus at the bus stop outside the No. 2 gate of the Botanical Garden. It takes about 10 minutes to arrive.

Entry fee is 15 RMB and you can pay an additional fee to visit attractions inside such as the Conservatory (30 RMB), Bonsai Garden (7 RMB), Orchid Garden (7 RMB) or buy a combo ticket that covers everything for 40 RMB.


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  • CN Name: 上海植物园
  • Website:
  • EN Address: 1111 Longwu Road, Xuhui District
  • CN Address: 徐汇区龙吴路1111号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Pullman Shanghai South
  • Getting There: Take Metro Line 3 to Shilong Road Station and walk south along Dongquan Road to reach Gate 4 of the Botanical Garden; take bus 56, 720, 714, 770, 820, 824 and so on.
  • Open Hours: 7:00-17:00

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