Shanghai City God Temple

Shanghai Chenghuang Miao Temple (City God Temple) is located in the Chenghuang Temple Tourist Area in the center of Shanghai. It is also known as the Old City Temple. It is a famous Taoist temple in Shanghai. Many tourists who come to this area visit for the snacks and the nearby Yu Garden yet many don’t realize there is a quiet ancient Taoist temple to the south side of the Yu Garden.

Shanghai Chenghuang Temple was built in the Yongle Period of the Ming Dynasty (1403-1424), earlier than the Yu Garden, but it was severely damaged during the Cultural Revolution, and it was later restored to its full appearance.

There are nine halls including, the Jiazi Hall, the Fortuna Hall, the Cihang Hall, the Chenghuang Temple, the Niangniang Hall, the Parent Hall, the Guanshen Hall, and the Wenchang Hall.

The Yuanchen Hall is dedicated to the Yuanchen God who brings good luck. The believers worship the life in this temple, and pray for peace and good luck. In the Cihang Hall, there are three goddesses, Yanmu, Cihang, and Mazu; the Wealth Hall is dedicated to the God of Wealth, the lucky sage; the Wenchang Hall is dedicated to the Wenchang Emperor.

Entry is 10 RMB.


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  • CN Name: 上海城隍庙
  • Website:
  • EN Address: No. 249 Fangzhu Middle Road, Huangpu District
  • CN Address: 黄浦区方浜中路249号
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel
  • Getting There: Take Subway Line 10 to Yuyuan Station and walk about 890 meters.
  • Open Hours: 8:00-21:00

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