Neon Kids Plaza Puan Store

Located on south of Shanghai People’s Square shopping center, between East Yan’an Road and Huaihai Road, Neon Kids Plaza is a super-large sunken children’s products store.

Possessing an area of more than 8300 square meters, more than 300 shops, covering the whole pregnancy and baby stages, mainly engaged with children’s clothing, shoes, toys, stationery and stroller, crib, jewelry and other children’s products, as well as a small amount of foreign women clothes, inside there are some children’s education, photography, music and other entertainment city.

Due to the location, opening times and large scale, Neon Kids Plaza is very popular,  more than 1.6 million young mothers in Shanghai, plus many mothers who live in suburban areas often came by car to shop over the weekend.

Puan Store not only draws the Shanghai young mothers, but also foreign tourist groups and foreign national residents, making it Shanghai’s favorite. It’s a frequently visited place for the purchase of children’s products. Because of its fame with foreign people,  it was reported by “New York Times” and NTK television.

The service is pretty good there now, you can return the goods and get back your money in 7 days without any reason, and if you are loyal customers they will give you some gifts from time to time, making it a real “Children’s Products Center, Mum’s shopping paradise”.

What can you get there: children’s garments and all kinds of children products.

Price: about 390 RMB per person.

How to get there: 10 minutes away from Metro Line 1 Sth Huangpi Road Station, Line 8 Dashijie

Address: No. 10, Puan Road, Huangpu District 地址:卢湾区普安路10号


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