Jinjiang Action Park

Jinjiang Action Park is adjacent to Shanghai South Railway Station and is the first large amusement park in Shanghai. There are exciting roller coasters and flywheels, as well as nostalgic monorails, rapids, and other projects suitable for young people such as horse racing and 4D cinema. The park has the tallest Ferris wheel in Shanghai, which overlooks the entire city.

The main entrance of Jinjiang Action Park is located at the intersection of Humei Road and Hongmei Road. You can experience the most thrilling giant hanging roller coaster in the park and challenge your courage.  Then there are a series of rides such as a motorcycle roller coaster, wave rolling, magic windmill, crazy flywheel waiting for you. To wind down, you can go to the volcano theater to watch a dynamic movie, then sit on the “Shanghai Grand Carousel” to enjoy the city scenery from a height.

There are also romantic and leisure projects such as bumper boats and canyon rafting next to the Ferris wheel. Young visitors can play bumpy cars, spin pulleys, hurricane flying chairs, monorail bicycles, rapids and more.

Jinjiang Paradise has Jinlong cuisine and music restaurant, mainly offering Chinese and Western fast food, as well as small shops selling snacks and snacks, as well as souvenir shops. The prices are more expensive than the park but it is acceptable.

You can buy a combo ticket that covers everything except the Ferris wheel for 130RMB or a combo ticket with two activities for 70 or six activities for 110 and If you see other rides you like, you can just pay independently.


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  • CN Name: 锦江乐园
  • EN Address: Jinjiang Park, 201 Hongmei Road, Minhang District
  • CN Address: 闵行区虹梅路201号锦江乐园
  • Nearby Hotel Pick: The Muyra Hotel Shanghai
  • Getting There: Take the subway line 1 to Jinjiang Park Station and walk.
  • Open Hours: April 1st – October 31st 9:00-17:30; November 1st – March 31st 9:15-17:00; summer garden opening extended to 22:00

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