Chenghuang Miao Temple Shanghai – Shopping, Snacks, and Culture all in one

During the reign of Yongle in Ming Dynasty (1403—1424), over 150 years after Shanghai’s establishment as a county, Jinshan Shrine on the northern bank of Fanghong was expanded and transformed into the city god temple of Shanghai County. Legend has it that Chenghuang is the Taoist god who protects the city as well as citizens residing within its boundary.Today, It’s a wonderful place to shopping for gold jewelry, snacks, crafts and small commodities.

As people always say, if you don’t go to Chenghuang Miao Temple (also known as City God Temple), you can’t boast that you’ve been to the big Shanghai. As the well-known attraction of Shanghai, the small commodity market gathered lots of popularity from the very beginning and attracted many businesses, so you can find almost everything here, including the holiday decoration, buttons, antique, snack, gadgets, plush, etc. Can’t find it in other places? Then you should go to Chenghuang Miao.

The market is quite large-scale there and the price is pretty approachable so you need basically prepare two things before you go there, one is good stamina and the other is learning basic Chinese to bargain. In this case, I’m sure you will get good stuff at a pretty satisfactory price.

What you can get: gold jewelry, snacks, crafts, small commodities and more.



How to Get there:  Yuyuan station on Metro line 10 and take a short taxi ride

Numb 249, Fangbang Centre Road, Huangpu District. 地址: 城隍庙 – 黄浦区方浜中路249号

Map: Including the top places to stay near Chenghuang Miao Temple (City God Temple)


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