Shanghai Landmark Department Store

Landmark Department Store is located on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the most prosperous and charming area in Shanghai, possessing a 10-story retail podium with a business area of 25,000 square meters. You will find unmatched shopping experience there since there are more than 80 shops and restaurants covering fashion, cosmetic, fine dining, beauty, and entertainment.

1st to 6th floors are pretty normal actually, you are able to find leather goods,  cosmetics, glasses, food, leisure clothing, children’s clothing, toys,  baby products,  bedroom products sporting goods, electrical appliances and handicrafts respectively.

However, the seventh floor is Shanghai’s first exclusive brand special stall center, collecting of several dozen kinds of brands for men and women,  children’s clothing,  lingerie, shoes, handbags and supplying goods in 3 to 5 fold the low price.

The eighth floor is the famed Mall of Foreign Trade in Shanghai, focused on more than dozens of exporting samples of foreign trade company, including clothing, shoes, toys, and bedding.

What can you get:  leather goods, cosmetics, glasses, food, leisure clothing, children’s clothing, toys, baby products, bedroom products sporting goods, electrical appliances and handicrafts

How to get there:  Five minutes away from Metro Line 2 Nanjing East Road Metro Station.

Address:  No. 409-459, Nanjing East Road, Huangpu. 地址:南京东路409到459号


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