Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market

Located underground at the Science and Technology Museum metro station, Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market is the place you can buy just about everything made in China. Selling items including inexpensive souvenirs, bags, men’s and women clothes through to jewelries at a bargain price, Yatai Xiayang market is a popular visit for tourists before heading to Pudong Airport and has a reputation for copy goods market, or fake market, if you like!

Locals and tourist alike both bargain for the best price of any tems they desire. You can buy almost everything at any price. Just be warned, it is not original, no matter what the venders may tell you, it is fake. The cheaper the product is the more likely it is fake. Bargaining is a must in this market. Vendors may be honest with you but at the same time they will like to get the highest price for their goods. With the day to day shopping of tourists who are ready to splash any amount of money, you can only forgive the vendors for their behavior of trying to robe you of your money. Don’t forget, you get what you pay for.

The most intriguing and chaotic section of Yatai Xinyang is the warren stalls. Here is the focal point of the market; you can easily spot almost everything you want, but don’t get too excited, you get what you pay for. Your best bet is you can have something you like at any price. This place is just fun to be especially if you’re in the mood to just wander and look at junk.

Just like everywhere in China the market is usually crowded. Full of people buying and selling and others just wandering here and there. Unlike other market places in China, Yatai Xianyany has shiny glitz malls. Although walkways might be putting off at times, usually the market is quite tidy.

What can you get there: Offers anything: Jeans, shirts, shoes, underwear, bags & suitcases, sunglasses, DVDs and so much more

Price: low but you have to bargain.

Quality: Good, check before you pay

How to get there: The Science and Technology Museum is on Metro Line 2

Address: Science and Technology Museum (上海科技馆) metro stop (Pudong) Shanghai


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