96 Shopping Plaza

Located at Dongfang Road, 96 Plaza features dinning, fashion experience, entertainment as an integrated shopping experience.

Mentioned fashion,  High-Class Shops all gather here,  comprising international famous brands: H&M, Steffe, Ochirly, Only, VeroModo, Adidas, Original, Lanscrafter, Costa, DHC, Puma, etc.

The restaurants here are very famous here, you must give them a try. There are more than 20 restaurants here,  ranging from Western to Chinese food,  there is seafood,  there is buffet,  chocolate bar,  and several coffee bars.

Here I recommend four amazing restaurants:

1.XinChunCai New Tokyo Japanese Buffet:  salmon, Arctic Bay, eel, sea urchins, cod, foie gras, beef.

2.Mr. Stone: filet mignon, smoked salmon, cheese cake, the Australian filet mignon.

3.Halla Korean food: roast pork, bibimbap, roast beef, seasoning  steak, vanilla ice cream.

4.Old Koehler Shanghai cuisine: Pork, fried shrimp, Pudong three yellow chicken, stuffed snail meat, flame steak, plum shrimp, grass circles, sweet and sour short ribs

What can you get there:  jewelry,  fashion clothes,  watches,  spa,  electronic goods and much more.

Price:  about 800 RMB per person.

Website:  no official website

How to get there:  Several minutes away from Metro Line 2, Century Avenue Station

Address:  No. 796, Dongfang Road, Pudong District. 地址:浦东新区东方路796号


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