Qipu Road Clothing Market

Located in the southeast of Zhabei District, Qipu Road (Seven Pu Road or 7p market) is the largest wholesale apparel market of Shanghai, possessing a total length of 680 Meter including more than ten large-scale wholesale clothing market ‘malls’. Whether mentioned clothing wholesale or retail, it’s the most popular.

Qipu Road is referred to as 7P Road, partly because its Chinese pronunciation is similar to cheap, partly because it’s really cheap shopping here, people who love it call it Cheap Road. Its shopping environment is not as elegant as other high-end shopping centers of Shanghai, but its price is astonishingly low and clothes’ style is quite following the international trend. In this case, from morning to night, it’s full of people doing business.

It’s completely different experience from the big shopping malls, more like an ocean of clothing.

Something you must know about 7P:

1. You must learn how to bargain so you can save lots of money.

2. If you have already made a discussed price about the clothes with the salesperson, then you must buy it or some rude salesperson may abuse you. Point being, don’t get rushed into saying a price, keep bargaining and be prepared to walk away. And, keep smiling as there is no reason not to have fun haggling. It’s just a game.

3. Offer about 60% of their first price, and negotiate up in small increments from that.

4. Don’t pay the clothes before you check it carefully. If you find some quality issue with the clothes after payment, they probably won’t return your money. Same goes for sizes, noting that marked sizes may not be true indicators. Check and double check.

Stick to the advice, I’m sure you will have a good time there and get home lots of cheap clothes of good quality.

A popular starting point is the Shanghai Xinqipu Costume Market (上海新七浦服装市场) or Xinwang Fashion City (上海兴旺国际服饰城) which is connected via walk bridge to the Qipu Clothing and Accessories Market (七浦兴旺服饰市场) all of which are mammoth clothing malls in their own right.

After visiting those, keep tracking along Qipu Road. Yes, if you have a mind for fashion, you can blow a day here no problem.


What can you get there:  fashion clothes, watches, electronic goods, catering, and much more.

Price:  Wholesale price.

How to get there: Take metro line 10 or 12 to Tiantong Road Station, and use exit 1.

Address: Numb 303, 7 Pu Road, Zhabei District. 地址:七浦路服装批发市场 – 闸北区七浦路303号


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