Korean Cuisine Restaurants In Shanghai


Located at the Zhongshan Nan Road, Qinghuilou is a high-level Korean Cuisine Restaurant with elegant and contemprary decoration. The classic kimchi pancake and stone pot rice to an array of meats and veggies on the menu is a must-try.

Price: About 150 RMB per person.

Address: No.635, Bibo Road, Pudong District.

Tel: 5027-3400.

Pyongyang Okryu Restaurant(平壤玉流馆)

This a upscale North Korean restaurant surviving authentic Pyongyang style dishes. The hearty servers all wear their traditional costumes. Recommend the roast beef, pickles cake, roast pork, chicken soup and kimchi here.

Price: About 227 RMB per person.

Address: No.439, Caoxi West Road, Xuhui District.

Tel: 6481-1569.

The Born(本家)

Located in the Minghang District, The Born is an authentic South Korean restaurant. You can find many delicious dishes here, such as the sliced beef, grilled streaky pork, Korean soybean paste soup, beefsteak, Bibimbap and cold noodles.

Price: About 150 RMB per person.

Address: No.1339, Wuzhong Road, Minghang District.

Tel: 5118-2777.

Korean BBQ(韩国馆)

Korean BBQ is very popular and famous between the Korean people living in Shanghai. They said the food here tasted exactly like the food in their hometown. Highlyy recommend the Korean kimchi and bibimbap here.

Price: About 120 RMB per person.

Address: No.8, Xingyi Road, Changning District.

Tel: 5208-1579.