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Famous Shanghai Dishes

Stir-fried pig intestine with alfalfa:草头圈子

Stewed sea cucumber with shrimp roe:虾子大乌参

Plain boiled chicken:白斩鸡

Sweet and sour spareribs:糖醋小排

Shanghai smoked fish:老上海熏鱼

Steamed mixed shreds of chicken, ham and pork:扣三丝

Stewed chicken:鸡骨酱

Stir-fried eels with bamboo shoots:清炒鳝糊

Deep-fried shrimps:油爆河虾

Steamed gluten:烤麸

Sir-fried wild rice stem:清炒茭白

Cyrstal Shrimps:水晶虾仁

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Staple Food


Stir-fried rice:炒饭

Steamed bun:馒头


Generic Ambien Mylan


duck cutlets & silk noodles soup:老鸭粉丝汤

Braised large yellow croaker soup:大汤黄鱼

Sour and hot yellow croaker soup:酸辣黄鱼羹

Shepherd’s-purse and bean curd soup:荠菜豆腐羹

Sparerib and white gourd soup:小排冬瓜汤
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Local Snacks

Braised chop with rice cake:排骨年糕

Nanxiang steamed stuffed bun:南翔小笼包

Fried steamed bun:生煎馒头

Vegetable stuffed bun:素菜包子

Glutinous rice dumplings in fermented glutinous wine:酒酿圆子

Sliced lotus root with sweet sauce:桂花糖藕

Cream spiced beans:奶油五香豆

Crab-yellow pastry:蟹壳黄

Fruit sponge cake:百果松糕

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